I went floral for a day

And I'll tell you what, I didn't hate it. 

I was going through old pictures in a family photo album the other night, and came across my 8th grade graduation class photo. I went to a Catholic school, so everyday was the same getup: navy skirt, white peterpan collared shirt, navy wool vest, white socks, brown mary-janes. The uniform did what it was supposed to do- make everyone look painfully boring and free of distractions. So, any chance we got to dress up or down, we did so with the kind of exuberance one only feels when experiencing true freedom. Of course, I was cursed with the super strict parents who sent me to school in my uniform on dress-down days because they didn't want that kind of attention from the boys. And when our graduation happened, all of the girls wore strapless prom dresses, while I wore a short-sleeved FLORAL maxi with a waist tie. I was mortified at the time. Not only that, but I was also the token Asian of the class, had no boobs, and hadn't quite grown into my large teeth yet. 

Anyways, perhaps that's why I have such an aversion to floral printed anything. But I found this dress on ASOS and, much like everything on ASOS, I wanted it. Fast forward to this shoot, and I think I'm looking a lot better than those early years I remember so vividly. 


  • Yusuf

    GUUUD! Dit he5r ser fantastisk ud! Det kle6der dig alt alt for godt! Det me5 du siltmephen blive ved med at have det he5r der! Langt he5r er pe6nt nok ja, men det du har nu er siltmephen alt for fedt. Cardiganen er virkelig sf8d. Du er et geni til et finde fund i de genbrugbutikker.Kram!

  • Rangler

    That’s a creative answer to a difilcuft question

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