Denim on denim on me

In researching the history of the Canadian Tuxedo, I came across two different stories of how this fashion choice came to be. In one story, taken from a site dedicated solely on the life and stardom of the CT, some French designers, on their way to New York, were rerouted in Winnipeg, where they stumbled upon a singer performing at a bar. They struck up friendly conversation, and before they knew it, they were being invited to her wedding the following day, and they kindly accepted her invitation. It was there that the Frenchmen witnessed the groom's formal getup- an all denim tuxedo- his finest jeans, double-breasted denim shirt, and denim jacket for the special occasion. After the wedding, they went on their way to New York, where the CT garnered its reputation as the newest trend.

In the second story, taken from GQ, Levi's constructed an all denim tuxedo after Bing Crosby was denied access to a hip hotel in Vancouver because he wasn't dressed appropriately. He was wearing denim. Levi's got word of this travesty and made sure it would never happen again by creating a very fancy tuxedo jacket to wear with his jeans, thus making the Canadian Tuxedo.

 It's hard to say which story is true. On one hand, you would think that a site devoted entirely to the CT would get its history correct, but you would also expect the writers over at GQ to get their facts checked. Regardless, I think one this is clear. Though we may not wear the full garb- the pants, shirt, AND jacket all at once- the denim on denim trend is here to stay indefinitely, and we can all tip our hats to the Canadians. EH? 

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