The tale of the closet purge.

Some days, I just want to wake up and get dressed without analyzing my entire wardrobe. I had a moment a while ago where I decided to purge my closet of any obtrusive clutter; an aesthetic cleanse, if you will. Floral blazers, gone. Sequin dresses (because honestly, who wears them twice?), gone. Ruffled shirts, gone. Peplum, I never liked you anyways, so gone. I had a perfect Cher from Clueless moment, when she's going through her closet, tossing every other top and skirt combo into a huge pile on the floor. It felt fantastic. Of course, with great moments of change and clarity, sometimes come great moments of panic and regret. The crying lasted maybe 10 minutes post donation, but I was happier for my decision. I have few colorful moments left in my repetoire, but I suppose I'm getting used to that. I do much prefer a neutral palette, especially when it comes to basics, and boy does this girl love basics. This top, for example. Neutral in color, so it can be worn with anything, but it's leather (I know!) so it can be worn from day to night. As I get older, I'm finding that quality matters over quantity. I want clothing (especially tops) simple in structure and color that can be mixed with a variety of items that I already own. And as for the bright, over the top, wowza pieces? That responsibility I'll save for the dresses. I still have a TON of dresses.

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