This shirt is all business up top and party on the bottom, am I right? I couldn't help myself and drank an entire full-fat-100% whole milk latte and suffered the bloatiness that occurs afterwards, so I threw on some high waisted pants to suck everything in. Ha, just kidding. Not about the latte part, I really did enjoy every foamy drop, but I wore these jeans simply because they are the bee's knees. Also, wearing the Dot Dot Seurat necklace and arm swag from the STYLEBONE collection.


  • Parsaram

    Amplify / Hi, I’m just a visiting Englishman here to point out that it’s caelld football , only America calls it soccer and you’re unlikely to find anybody from any other part of the world including Tibet and Japan who would call it that, ESPECIALLY England.That’s all I wanted to say, it’s just very jarring to hear her say on page 9 England is the home of soccer! which in itself pretty much revokes all credibility that she may have spent any length of time in England whatsoever.

  • Sumi

    Hello~ I just love your style. Where is the jeans and the top from?
    They are soooo cute!! Love the look!

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