The xYz necklace

Whenever I wear distressed denim, the elders in town always ask me if I can afford jeans without holes. Which makes me wonder, when I'm old enough to be called an 'elder', what will the youths be wearing, and will it offend me as much as 'hole-y' denim offends the seniors now? 

Aside from wearing my most favorite and beloved destroyed denim, I am wearing the xYz necklace from the STYLEBONE collection. It goes with everything (I mean, literally, everything- try wearing it with your pajamas, you'll feel f'ing fab), and it's super shiny- if you wear it, they will come. Umm, they being boys, or girls, whatever you're into...or if you have kids, this necklace will distract them long enough to check you Instagram and Twitter feed.

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  • Taran

    Stands back from the keyboard in ameezmant! Thanks!

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